Day 1 – Meet the Team

Today was mainly an induction day, to meet the group and discuss schedules and aims. I was also introduced to Louise, my partner in crime for the next four weeks. I’m not sure if we all knew each other well enough to show out true emotions when Karen, our coordinator announced about ten minutes into our first meeting, that we were heading to Wexford on a field trip the next morning at 7am. So we smiled nervously until we realised she wasn’t joking, as it was followed with, “bring suncream, a rain jacket, hiking boots, light clothing, lots of water, a packed lunch”… you can never account for the Irish weather! But I came into this project for the possibility of doing something different so here goes! To Karen’s credit, she organised a lovely lunch by the lake with the rest of the group to soften the blow.

A tour of the PEAC lab, where plants are grown in chambers imitating a range of atmospheres from times past is an eye opener to the facilities available here. These in particular I am looking forward to investigating in more detail next week; there is something about a locked door and the word danger that just makes you want to know everything you possibly can about what goes on in there and why!

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