Week 3: Media Day!

Today was what we had christened Media Day. This meant sharing our insights with some interested parties from within the university on what exactly two teachers were doing in a science lab for the summer when they should by rights be at home! The aim of these conversations is to, hopefully, shine light on what we are doing here as an outreach programme, one with benefits to all who participated.

The chats were interesting, leading us to several conclusions. Teachers need continuous professional development if we are to keep our lessons fresh and interesting. An obvious observation, yes, but practised all the time? No. Universities need to keep an eye on what is going on outside the lab, where possible making an amount of their work relevant to schools. A link is needed between second and third level education, desperately. We have noticed while here just how much both parties got from the other in this short space of time – renewed interest in a topic, fresh eyes seeing something that trained ones do not. This kind of thing can only be good and it was concluded at the end of the day that, we all need each other in this cycle of science.

Now where to start…. 

“Hello, you are through to Dáil Éireann.”

“Great, can I have the number for Mr Quinn, please?…”


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