Week 4: Last Day!

Where did 4 weeks go!? It seemed like they would stretch on for ages with all the different plans that were laid out for us. Alas, the final day of the course has arrived and we are busy putting together our lesson plans, powerpoints… you name it, everything a teacher should NOT be doing in July and August, we have been doing!

But it has been a wonderful experience to be a part of, there is no denying that. The whole team have had an input and made sure we feel welcome, along with opening doors to technology and methodologies we just would not see in school. Further to that, working with another teacher who has different outlooks on education to my own has been a great experience. It is not easy to work intensively with someone you do not know for 4 whole weeks and hope that everything runs smoothly, but in this case I can honestly say that we both respected each others opinions and worked well as a team, so that has been an enjoyable learning curve as well.

Overall, if there is anyone reading this that is considering applying next year, I say, go for it! You get the opportunity to immerse yourself in true Biology, not the bite size sections that you sometimes feel the Leaving Cert course presents. You will work with a wonderful research team who love what they do and want to help. Most importantly, you get the chance to be a part of curriculum development right at the very foundations, by taking your own ideas and shaping them into something that becomes available for all to see and (hopefully!) use. 

Thanks to the whole team in UCD for affording us this possibility!

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